Sustainability and Environmental Foot Print

Sustainability is a very hot topic in today’s market place, Mepco label systems offers a cost-effective solution to this problem. Our plant runs on the LEAN principles which are built on protecting the environment, conserving energy, and conserving natural resources. Being located in California, our state mandates that we stay on the forefront of the future. Currently large corporations are mandating suppliers to evaluate themselves on their sustainability, we can help you achieve these goals by recommending raw materials that will meet the requirements or restrictions of hazardous chemicals compliance. Reducing waste and reducing your packaging footprint we can help you achieve an earth friendly package. But these changes will not change the effectiveness of your packaging. Our main goals are to reduce waste, reduce emissions, while still reducing costs. Partner with us to make your packaging dreams a reality.

We were showcased in Beverage World Magazine. Here is a link to their 2016 sustainable packaging award winners.

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