Shrink Sleeves Labels

Shrink sleeves labels are the best way to provide the maximum on-shelf impact, while allowing for a greater area for brand promotion and high-quality graphics. Custom printed shrink sleeve labels have been known to increase sales over traditional pressure sensitive labels. Shrink sleeve labels allow your product to use 360 degrees of marketing on your container creating strong brand awareness.
Shrink sleeve labels can also be used as a tamper evident source for your package, perforations are available for easy removal by the consumer. We offer Shrink Sleeve Labels in OPS, PVC, PETG, and PLA. Mepco Label offers shrink sleeve labels with custom finishes such as matte, soft touch, and high gloss varnishes with foil accents available too.
The ability to combine high-quality graphics with geometrically-shaped containers provides the ultimate combination of color and shape to attract the consumer. We offer short and long runs and we are sure to bring you cost savings. Let us give you packaging with color, numbers and words that will connect to the consumer.
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