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Label Applicators & Dispensers

Pressure sensitive label applicators are used to apply labels to product. There are many types of applicators for each type of application and industry.

Semiautomatic Applicator - Label Applicators & Dispensers in Lodi, CA

Semiautomatic Applicator — cost effective transition from manual labeling to applying labels with automatic applicator. Improves label accuracy and efficiency, while being portable and light weight, the label application is activated with a foot switch.

PrintApplyApp - Label Applicators & Dispensers in Lodi, CA

Print and Apply — works with all your major print engines so you can use your existing software. These are available in blow on, tamp on, and tamp blow applicators. If you have a unique operation we will custom build an applicator for your needs.

High speed Applicators - Label Applicators & Dispensers in Lodi, CA

High speed Applicators — If you need a high speed applicator for your product we can get it for you. Whether you need a conveyor system or a custom built system we can do it.

Roll Fed Labeling System - Label Applicators & Dispensers in Lodi, CA

Roll Fed Labeling System — We sell roll fed film applicators that can apply film to your products at very high rates of speed up to 200 cpm. These systems have the latest in glue application technology and label registration control.

PLU Produce Label Applicator - Label Applicators & Dispensers in Lodi, CA

PLU Produce Label Applicator — Designed for high speed sorters and conveyors, this applicator has the features you need. From its digital logic controls, to its stepper motor drive, to its automatic sizer/sorter interfacing. With its rapid labeling speeds, you can label 600+ pieces of product a minute.

Label Applicator Gun - Label Applicators & Dispensers in Lodi, CA

Label Applicator Gun — This lightweight, inexpensive, handheld label applicator will save both time and labor because it applies labels to the package in one motion. It’s MUCH faster than hand peeling; each one is applied smoothly to the package. Accommodates die cut labels or clean cut butt cut labels without ticks or burrs. Available in two models: 2210 (holds labels ½” to 1½”) and 2215 (holds labels 1 ½” to 2 ½”) Maximum roll size 4 ¾” Core Size 1″ or 3″

Power Advance Label Dispenser - Label Applicators & Dispensers in Lodi, CA

Power Advance Label Dispenser — Accepts formats up to 4 ½” width and rolls up to 9″ diameter and dispenses labels without difficulty. Vinyl, acetate, foil, or other very thin stock may require a sharp edge plate, and if you are contemplating these types of labels please tell us so we can offer the sharp plate.

Barcoding - Thermal Transfer Printers in Lodi, CA

Thermal Transfer Printers and Rolls

Need to print your own labels for your product or create box labels? You can do that with thermal and direct thermal printers. We offer printers, software, parts, and ribbons for your printers. We are distributors for many of the major printer manufacturers. Such as Zebra, Sato, Intermec, Avery Dennison, and Datamax.
If you need help setting up your printer or software we can help you with this, here are some samples of printers that we offer. Please contact us for more information or price quotes of printers, software, parts and ribbons.
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