Lay-Flat Pouches

Custom lay-flat pouches to showcase your product
We are here to take the complexity out of your flexible package decisions. As the only flexible packaging company that is built from the ground up on a digital platform, it is our mission to provide high-quality flexible packaging, impeccable customer service and industry best time to market. When you need fast turnaround times, stunning graphics, and unbeatable prices on custom lay-flat pouches, look no further than us.

Bring Your Lay-Flat Pouches to Market Quicker with On-Demand Ordering

In the rapidly changing retail world, staying on top of trends and the demands of your consumer is a must. With us, you can order your flexible packaging — whether that is a lay flat pouch, roll stock, or stand up pouches — on demand.

With on-demand ordering and short runs, you have the ability to fluidly add and drop different SKUs, like individual flavors and variation types, while using designs unique to each item. Our approach allows for running multiple SKUs at once, without the added cost and logistics of plates, high minimum orders and long runs. We can also assist you in setting up a just-in-time (JIT) logistics process to minimize the inventory and cost overhead associated with long runs.

Our process allows for creativity and customization in every aspect of your packaging.

Say Goodbye to Setup Fees & Excess Inventory

Excess inventory and setup fees are a thing of the past when you shift to digitally printed flexible packaging. Traditional printing methods require plate fees for each SKU and high minimum orders, resulting in not only a larger upfront investment, but also unused inventory.

Excess inventory and setup fees are a thing of the past when you shift to digitally printed flexible packaging. Traditional printing methods require plate fees for each SKU and high minimum orders, resulting in not only a larger upfront investment, but also unused inventory.

“If we dropped a flavor, or changed a recipe, we would potentially have thousands of packages in inventory that we wouldn’t use,” says Cassandra Plas, happy customer, and owner of Gezellig Cookies.

Not only that, but low minimum orders and shorter runs help to eliminate obsolete inventory and save you money.

Lay-Flat Pouches That Stand Out on the Shelf

Setting yourself apart on and off the shelf is key to increase product sales and gaining more brand exposure. Our flexible lay flat pouches help you do just that, with photo-quality images, a wide variety of color choices and well-designed packaging. Our 100% digital printing process produces crisp-images and vibrant colors, allowing your package design to POP and stand apart from your competition.

Some of the different ways our digital printed pouches can help to set your product apart include:

  • Bold, crisp, colorful graphics: Your brand colors impact a buyers decision. Digital printing brings your brand to life with clear, bright color printing. Matching GRACoL color reproduction standards, we can ensure true to life hues and match your brand colors with precision.
  • Transparent packaging: Consumers like to see what’s inside a package! You have the option to add a clear package ‘window,’ or go all transparent with clear packaging so your consumer can take a peek inside.
  • Puncture-resistant plastic The thickness of your packaging matters. With our puncture resistant packaging, you won’t have to worry about your packaging tearing on the shelf, in transit, or with customer handling.
  • Matte, Soft Touch, Gloss & Metalized Finishes: The touch and feel of your packaging can help tell your brand story. Choose from a wide variety of packaging finishes for your lay flat pouch.
For small and medium businesses, competing with big companies’ packaging has been a nightmare. No longer do you have to settle for “we’re a small business” looking packaging. we not only lets you match or exceed product quality and shelf-life but also give you added visual appeal and design features. No matter what industry you are in, our digital flexible packaging helps you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any large corporation. The best food packaging levels the playing field and enables you to zero in on your target audience and give your customers exactly what they want.

Keep Your Products Fresh

Fresh products equal happy customers. And longer shelf lives equals happy CPG company owners.

Packaging for freshness is simple: choose the right type of packaging for your specific product, and your product will have an extended shelf life and stay fresh for your customer. Our team of experts will help you determine which film is best for your product and make recommendations based on our years of experience.

The premium grade films used with all of our packagings provides maximum protection and a great look for your products. Our films include PET (Metallized PET, PE, and BOPP), high barrier films, laminates, recyclable films as well as matte, soft touch and gloss finishes.

Partner with the Experts in Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging, it’s our mission to take the complexity out of flexible packaging. We’re not just a packaging company — we are your partner for all your flexible packaging needs.

Cutting-edge technology and expertise in all forms of flexible packaging opens a variety of options for your product container needs. Our team specializes in helping you determine the best type of presentation for your product line and executing your plans in record time. Our customers quickly learn the vast possibilities once they free themselves from the limitations and frustrations that come with traditional plate-based package printing.

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