Mepco Label Systems Services

Mepco Label Systems production capabilities are based on customer needs. If a customer makes a request for a new product, Mepco will create a new process to get the job done.

We perform every facet of the manufacturing process with the latest in hi-tech equipment. Our graphics department utilizes a specialized flexo-printing software for proofing and color separation. We have color scanners and proofing printers as well as color separation equipment. All of our digital plates are manufactured on the premises with environmentally-safe processes and equipment. Mepco is also printing with HD plates, and is an Esko Graphics-certified HD printer. Mepco is one of only 27 certified HD flexo printers in the United States.

At Mepco Label, we constantly focus on creating cutting-edge, extraordinary label solutions that work with the exclusive products you present to us. Our label services include:

We offer many different stock combinations for your product such as metalized paper, polypropylene, polystyrene, cardstock, pvc, whatever stock your project calls for.
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